Eden Simari

Branding, Design, Web
About This Project

Eden Simari is a Mortgage Broker based in Calgary, Alberta.

The primary goal for the client upon strategy inception was to create a brand identity that would provide a sense of uniqueness, that would separate her business and services from the many other competitors.

Eden’s values were to educate clients in a welcoming and approachable space, on topics that may typically be seen as intimidating and complicated. During the brand study, it was also apparent that this clients’ level of service was a driving differentiator, and her rich depth of knowledge was something that felt essential to be communicated through the brand characteristics.

In additional to creating the logo for Eden Simari, Naked Marketing further develop the brand with supporting branded stationary, printed sales material, and a website. The goal of the website was to deliver educational information and invite potential target clients to contact Eden, all within an aesthetically pleasant user experience.


Client: Eden Simari

Tasks: Brand Identity, Logo Design, Business Card, Sales Support Design

Website: www.edensimari.ca