Rosebud Remedy

Branding, Design, Web
About This Project

Rosebud Remedy is cannabis edible company specializing in cannabinoid gummies and drops.

Naked Marketing has worked alongside the client since conception with the first goal being to establishing a strategic brand identity. The aim for the identity was to embody the traits of being bold and strong, yet also reliable and trustworthy for their high level of quality. Rosebud Remedy places strong value on the science behind the product, so it felt worthy to have that represented within the logo; the bordering container of the logo design is the scientific symbol for THC, a component of cannabis.

Following brand development, Naked Marketing crafted the concept and design for the product packaging, which included 4 flavours. The creative direction of the designs was to explore a lifestyle personality for each flavour, painting a feel or aura of expected experience for each product and their level cannabinoid content. Each package had root elements that tied them together all while also strengthened the brand identity of Rosebud Remedy.

A company website was developed to provide additional information about the product and company. Being a company in the quickly evolving cannabis industry, it was important to provide an educational platform where customers were able to easily access information about the products, contents, and quality of how they are made.


Client: Rosebud Remedy

Tasks: Strategic Brand Development, Product Packaging Design, Website Design + Development